3 Signs That You Need a Concrete Foundation Repair Service

Various Concrete Foundation Issues You Must Look Out For

The concrete foundation is one of the most important structural parts of your home. If the foundation is strong, you and your family can relax and nothing would ever go wrong, but if the foundation is weak, it will be easy to fall through it and suffer damage to your home and your family. You can only avoid this disaster if you regularly inspect your foundation. If you see any signs of damage, repair it right away. Here’s what you should look out for when it comes to concrete foundation repair:

Caving In

If the foundation is hollow and soft, it’s likely that the surface you’re standing on started to rot. This is a structural problem. If you notice any cracks on your foundation, have them repaired right away to save your house. Also, keep an eye out for sagging floors and walls, since they could lead to more serious structural issues. To fix it, get a foundation repair contractor.


Your concrete foundation is designed to stay sturdy for many years. It’s not meant to crack and chip, which is why you’ll need to give it a constant inspection. If you find cracks and chips, it’s often a sign that your foundation needs repairs. Be aware that these issues get bigger if they’re not repaired quickly. You can avoid this disaster if you do foundation repair consistently.


A protrusion is a sign that your foundation isn’t truly level. It can be due to soil erosion or settling. It will show up as an uneven surface if left unattended. Also, you should be careful of dry-stone walls that have been around since the foundation of your house was laid. They can often trap moisture and water that causes the soil to move and settle.

If you notice any of these issues at home, call professionals like On Your Side Foundation Repair right away. We provide reliable concrete foundation repair in Greenville, TX. Give us a call at (903) 224 8560 today!

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