Concrete Foundation Repair Tips

When Is Concrete Foundation Repair No Longer an Option?

Your concrete slab foundation looks like it is in bad shape, but how bad does it need to be before it’s considered unsavable? When is concrete foundation repair no longer feasible? If you are wondering if it would be a waste of money to repair it and you may as well scrap the slab and start over again, the following tips might help you decide.

No Rebar

If there’s no reinforcement in the concrete and it is lacking in rebar, then it is no longer feasible to save. If it was problematic from the start due to improper support, repairing it would be a waste of time and money. A properly constructed slab-on-grade foundation must have rebar or steel cabling in it so it can work properly and provide the longevity needed to ensure a stable home.

Huge, Displaced Cracks

By huge gaps, we mean cracks that are wide enough to be alarming, or big enough that you can drop a pencil down it, and there is no way to bring the sides back together again. These are not normal hairline shrinkage cracks that are often seen on concrete surfaces. Foundation repair will raise a sinking slab by lifting it vertically. However, jacks will only go up and down. No one will be able to bring two separated pieces of a cracked slab together, no matter how good they are.

Is It Worth Saving Your Foundations?

Often, it is not the physical condition of a concrete slab that renders it beyond repair. Deciding if your foundation repair is worth it often comes down to cost versus value. Is repairing your foundation the best way to spend money? Will the cost of repairs pay off in the long run? These are all questions you need to ask your contractor.

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