Foundation Crack Repair Issues

What Are the Main Causes of Foundation Crack?

A faulty foundation system is one of the reasons why crack is formed in your concrete slab. There are many other causes of foundation cracks that need an immediate foundation crack repair service. Here are some of them:

Wet Concrete

The water in the concrete mix will react with the oxygen in the air, which produces carbon dioxide. When there is sunlight and a little carbon dioxide, the reaction will continue, and water will seep into the concrete. In addition, the concrete has to sit for several weeks before it can cure. The problem is that the concrete is not dried before it is placed on the ground, so the concrete will stay wet for a long time.

Soil Compaction

Regardless of the grading, foundation cracks usually form when soil is compacted against the foundation walls. This cracking can eventually grow through the concrete or mortar, as well as the surrounding soil. This is a common problem and can be remedied by relocating your landscaping to a different area. If you have already installed one, you can use fill dirt, sand, and compacted gravel to fill the space. This can be done through a layer of gravel or a few inches of compacted sand. These materials need to be placed on top of the soil and then tamped down to create a stable base.

Too Much Water

The soil around your property will expand and contract with the seasons. It will settle and contract with the amount of water it receives. Grass and plants will also grow and spread. This will mean that it will push the soil up against the foundation. You can fix this problem by installing a drainage system, which will help to reduce the water pressure on the soil. Also, installing a layer of stone will help to reduce the amount of water that can seep into the soil, in turn, reducing the pressure that it exerts on the foundation.

Wear and Tear

Concrete is an extremely durable material. However, it can be weathered and damaged over time. When that happens, it will become loose, which means it will crack. So, make sure your concrete is painted, weathered, and in good condition. If not, have it inspected by a professional.

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