Foundation Repair Tips

Foundation Repair Methods & Techniques

Whether you are a homeowner or a prospective buyer, you need to keep an eye out for any signs of issues with the foundation of a property. Foundation problems and extreme settling will compromise the overall structural integrity of a building and can cost thousands of dollars in foundation repair costs if they are not detected early enough.

Polyurethane Foam Jacking

The repair process involves the use of polyurethane foam material that will raise and support a sunken concrete foundation. It is still one of the most effective foundation stabilization methods that will fill in voids or the underlying soil structure.

Concrete Pressed Piling

Concrete pressed piles are a house foundation repair method commonly used in Texas and other surrounding states. Understanding how to repair foundations using this method is relatively straightforward. Concrete cylinders that have dimensions of 6” diameter and 12” height will be driven into the soil beneath the foundation to stabilize it. Depending on the structure’s weight and soil conditions, contractors may use a string of 8 or more concrete piles before they can reach soil that is strong enough to support the entire structure. The aim is to drive the piles deep enough into soil that possesses good load-bearing ability.

Steel Piers

This is a repair technique used to arrest settlement or instability. Each pier is a galvanized steel pipe that is attached to a hydraulic jack. To perform repairs, a hydraulic torque motor will drive the piers below the foundation until it has reached stable soil. Then, the hydraulic jacks will raise the foundation back to its original elevation.

Helical Piers

This is a steel pier that has helical threaded sections allowing it to be screwed into the ground. They are used when the underlying soil structure is difficult to bore into when using conventional piers.

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