House Foundation Repair Tips

What Happens if I Don’t Repair My Foundation?

Homeowners frequently ask us what happens if they fail to perform house foundation repair. Making repairs is an expense many homeowners will try to avoid. Owning a home is often the same as choosing which projects are the highest priority and make more financial sense. When offered the choice of taking a vacation, or performing foundation repair, the former usually wins, However, have you stopped to consider what is at stake by putting off important repairs even for 12 months?

Things That Will Happen If You Don’t Repair The Foundations:

Sinking Or Settling

This is just one of the things that will happen. Because foundations move over time, they often sink into the ground. You may start to notice your floors are no longer level, or you have issues closing doors or windows. If you notice these, then you will need foundation repair.

Insect And Rodent Infestations

If you leave your foundations to fall into disrepair, the likes of insects and rodents will eventually make their way into your home. This is truer with pier and beam foundations that come with crawl spaces. Infestations are a major worry, and the most worrisome part is they will start to breed and multiply quickly. Meaning if you fail to catch it right away you will be looking at a large infestation that can cause even more damage to your home.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing will also become vulnerable to foundation issues. When dealing with a pier and beam home, plumbing pipes will often end up intertwined in the foundation of the home and can weave through their way into your house. With a slab foundation, plumbing issues can happen beneath the slab and can go unnoticed for several years. When a home has foundation issues, the shifts that occur can cause pipes to break. When plumbing cracks or bursts, the resulting water damage can be catastrophic.

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