Important Ideas From a Foundation Contractor

4 Most Common Types of Foundation

There are numerous types of foundations, each offering different benefits. When building a house, the most important foundation is the residential foundation. With the right foundation, you will enjoy a house that is long-lasting and free of problems. Of course, that can be achieved only if you hire a professional foundation contractor for the job. Before you hire a foundation repair contractor for your home, you should learn about the different types of foundations first. The following are the most common types of foundations

Pier & Beam Foundation

With a pier & beam foundation, the bottom piece, which is called the base, is made from concrete. The top piece is an individual wooden board. A pier & beam foundation looks very basic, but it is quite durable.

Frame Foundation

A frame foundation is also quite basic but sturdy. This foundation is made up of wood planks or bricks that are connected with boards. This foundation looks ancient, and that is because of its age. However, it is still a common foundation today.

Plate System Foundation

This foundation is deeper than frame foundations. It is made of steel plates that are firmly attached to the ground. The plates are arranged horizontally, and between them is a layer of concrete. This foundation can be used for multiple purposes. It is common in the construction of industrial spaces.

Slab System Foundation

The masonry slab system is deep enough to support the weight of a house. It is used in the construction of houses, although it can also be used in commercial or industrial buildings. The slab system is also quite simple to install. The only thing you need to do is to place concrete on the ground. You will then need to attach the steel plates and fill the gaps between the plates with cement.

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