Instances You’d Need a Concrete Foundation Repair

4 Big Reasons Excessive Moisture Is Causing Concrete Foundation Damage

Excessive moisture can cause a lot of damage to a concrete foundation, from serious shrinkage problems to the need for an expensive concrete foundation repair. Understanding the signs of moisture damage is an important part of preventing it from happening in the first place. By keeping tabs on the 3 big reasons moisture can cause the failure of concrete foundations, you can save yourself time and money in the end.

Freeze/Thaw Cycles

The most common reason moisture can cause concrete foundation damage is freeze/thaw cycles. When temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) the existing moisture will freeze. This can cause the expansion of the concrete foundation while certain components of the material will contract. This rapid expansion and contraction of the concrete will weaken its foundation, leading to cracks and breakage.

Intrusion of Groundwater

Groundwater is also a common source of excess moisture and can damage concrete foundations over time. If the soil around a concrete foundation is damp, it can seep through cracks, pores, and other weak spots in the concrete and cause expansion. This can damage the foundation, leading to cracks and other forms of deterioration.

Water Vapor from The Atmosphere

High levels of water vapor in the atmosphere can cause a buildup of moisture on a concrete foundation. This can seep through weak points and cause the same kinds of problems as groundwater but can be harder to control as it is not bound to the ground and is in high circulation.

Poor Drainage

The final source of excess moisture that can cause concrete foundation damage is poor drainage. If the soil around a concrete foundation is too wet, it can seep through weak spots and damage the concrete. This is especially true in areas with a high water table, as even a small amount of precipitation can cause the water table to rise and seep through the concrete.

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