Prevent These by Using Professional Waterproof Foundation Services

What Happens if You Refuse to Waterproof Your Home’s Foundation?

Are you wondering how stubborn flooding might affect the structural integrity of your house? If you are, you are not alone. Many homeowners are concerned with the effects of a defective or ignored waterproofing system, especially when it comes to the basements and home foundations. So be sure to book professional waterproof foundation services. Here are the top three risks you might face if you ignore the importance of waterproofing your foundations:

Your home sags

If your foundation is not waterproofed, the situation will soon become critical. In fact, it sagged by almost a foot in some cases. The reason is simple. Without the waterproofing, moisture will break down the gypsum which is an essential part of the foundation. As water seeps through the foundation wall, the next thing you know, there will be a sag in the floor.

Disastrous failure

If the foundation fails, the entire house will follow. Once the foundation starts to crack because of frequent water damage, it will no longer be able to keep your home standing. At that point, the only option is to demolish your entire home. So, make sure to have your foundation waterproofed if that is not something that you want to happen.

Damaged foundation walls

Some homeowners begin to see cracks in their basement walls. In cases like this, you should call a professional to examine the damage and make sure you have a leak. If you think your foundation is defective, the only solution will be to have it replaced. You should contact a professional waterproofing contractor to help you.

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