Signs to Call in Experts for a Foundation Crack Repair

Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

The warning indications of foundation issues can be cunning because they resemble harmless ailments. For instance, are minor cracks in the basement wall or the bricks adding up to much, or are they an indication that the home is settling into the ground? Other indications, like window or door frames that have separated from the masonry or out-of-square doors, are far from the foundation. Sometimes a professional is the only one who can determine whether the foundation has an issue that requires immediate foundation crack repair. The following are indicators of a weak foundation:

Exterior Cracks

Fine, little crinkles on the steps or in the outer walls are typically unimportant. Huge, zigzag outside cracks may be a warning that the foundation needs to be checked. Inspecting any brick cracks or bricks that stick out from the wall is important.

Interior Sheetrock Cracks

When interior sheetrock cracks are zigzagging and nearly the height of the wall, the homeowner should be suspicious of a problem. Also, if the wallpaper is coming loose from the wall or there are gaps between the wall and ceiling, they should call in a contractor.

Doors Out of Square and Uneven Floors

After a few years of settling, very few houses are plumb, but a door that is seriously out of square and has cracks in the wall above it needs to be examined. Many owners of apparently sound homes have floors that are so uneven that when water is spilled on them, the water rolls in one way. A homeowner should be concerned if the floor slopes more than a couple of inches every 15 feet.

Rotten Wood – Pier & Beams

In addition to a poor foundation, decaying wood on piers and beams can indicate several other issues that require investigation. There may be excessive humidity in the basement or crawlspace, a flood, or termites or carpenter ants have destroyed the piers and beams. Piers and beams made of rotten wood are never a good indicator.

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