The Time You’d Need Concrete Foundation Repair Services

What Usually Causes Foundation Damage?

The foundation is usually an overlooked and neglected part of your home. The visible signs of wear and tear are usually neglected probably because of its location, making it a tough one for homeowners to spot. It’s also the foundation of your home that is responsible for protecting your home’s exterior walls and maintaining its structural integrity. If it is damaged, your entire home will be affected. Below are the common problems that cause concrete foundation repair issues.

Drainage Issues

Many times, damaged drain pipes are to blame. The damaged pipe will leak water and cause puddles or standing water to form around the foundation, especially over time. The water will also seep into the ground, causing the soil to settle.

If the soil settles, it weakens the foundation, which will cause cracks to appear. As a result, your home’s exterior walls will be more susceptible to additional cracks and signs of damage.

Decaying Materials

The foundation is composed of concrete and the likes of bricks, stones, and pebbles. They can deteriorate over time, causing the concrete to become weak. Since it’s the base of your home, decaying materials can compromise the stability of your home’s foundation.

As a result, your home’s exterior walls will also become more susceptible to cracks and water damage. If the water damage is extensive, your foundation will become weak and collapse, causing the walls to crack. The damage will be far worse than you initially imagined.

What causes damage to your home’s foundation? If it’s water leaks or deteriorated materials, be sure to get it fixed immediately by booking a reliable concrete foundation repair service from a contractor that you can trust. One that you can rely on in the area is On Your Side Foundation Repair. We’re known for the quality of our services and the affordability of our rates in Greenville, TX. For inquiries, call (903) 224 8560!

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