Tips From a Foundation Contractor on How to Avoid Cracks in Your Home Caused by Foundation Movement

How to Avoid Cracks in Your Home Caused by Foundation Movement

Interior and exterior cracks are a common problem during the hot, dry summers. When we notice movement, it is critical to stop and/or correct it before more problems arise.

A professional foundation contractor has compiled some recommendations to keep your foundations healthy all year.

Water Your Foundations Regularly

Watering your foundations several times per week is essential. If you have a drip irrigation system, make sure it is set to water every other day for several hours at a minimum. If the soil around the foundation appears to be dry and cracking during our warmer and drier months, you may want to water every day.

Moisture Levels

Sprinklers will help moisten the ground and water the grass, but they will not maintain proper soil moisture. Installing a drip irrigation system or soaker hoses ensures that moisture can penetrate deeper into the ground, protecting your slab.

Drainage Is Important

While it is critical to water your foundation, it is also critical to ensure that water does not pool around your house for extended periods of time.

When soil becomes too wet, it can begin to expand, causing walls to crack. This is especially true if plumbing leaks continue to dump water beneath the slab.

Be Careful Where You Plant Your Trees

Trees and shrubs can help your house feel more like a home, but planting them too close to the foundation can cause problems in the future. During our dry season, the trees will draw moisture from the soil, causing the foundations to settle unevenly and crack.

Use a Foundation Contractor You Can Trust

If you already have cracks in your foundation or are concerned about other signs of movement, you must hire a concrete repairs contractor you can trust.

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