What Might Need an Expensive Foundation Repair Expert

Main Causes of Foundation Cracks

If your home or business foundation has already developed cracks and holes, you may be wondering what caused this and what you can do to have them repaired. How extensive are the cracks? Is there any way to repair the foundation cracks without replacing the entire foundation? These are some of the questions that you might be having and wondering about. To make sure you get the help you need, reach out to a foundation repair specialist.

Here are some common reasons for foundation cracks, and what you can do about them.

Natural Causes

The first cause of foundation cracks is natural causes. Water can cause the soil to settle, causing cracks to appear. This is why a lot of people build their homes on loose soil. The foundation is strong enough to hold up to the weight of a house but not the settling of the soil.


Landscaping is also a common cause of foundation cracks. Usually, it is caused by excess soil movement or uneven installation. With landscaping, what seems to be a harmless bump in the yard can cause a lot of damage to your foundation. It not only damages your landscaping but also your foundation.


Another common cause of foundation cracks is drainage. Your foundation is designed to support your entire house or building, so any damage to the foundation can put your entire house or building at risk for future damage. It is important to fix the cracks as soon as possible to avoid any future problems.

Excess Water

Excess water can also cause foundation cracks. They are often seen after a severe storm, as the ground is still recovering from the damage caused by the storm. Too much water from the rain can cause the soil to settle and make the foundation vulnerable.

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