When It’s Time for a Foundation Repair

Foundation Health Check

Probably the most important part of your home’s structure is its foundation. So one must ensure that it’s always in perfect shape. When it’s time for foundation repair services, turn to your trusted professional right away. But how would you know that professional repairs are already a necessity? Read below to find your answers!

Observe Cracks in Walls

One of the first signs of foundation issues is the presence of cracks in walls, especially around windows and doors. Look for diagonal, horizontal, or stair-step cracks, as they can indicate shifting or settling of the foundation. While small hairline cracks may be normal, larger, more pronounced cracks warrant further investigation.

Check Doors and Windows

Misaligned doors and windows can also point to foundation problems. Test all the doors and windows in your home to see if they open and close smoothly. If you notice any doors or windows that stick, jam, or have gaps, it could be due to a shifting foundation affecting their alignment.

Inspect Floors for Unevenness

Uneven floors can be another sign of foundation issues. Use a level to check for any slopes or dips in your floors, especially in areas where you’ve noticed other warning signs. If you find unevenness, it might be due to the settling or heaving of the foundation.

Monitor Moisture Levels

Excessive moisture in your basement or crawl space can be a sign of foundation issues. Look for signs of water infiltration. Is there dampness, mold, or a musty smell on your property? Bear in mind that moisture can significantly weaken the foundation. It can eventually lead to even more severe problems over time.

Keep an Eye on Landscaping

The health of your foundation can also be affected by the landscaping around your home. Look for areas of poor drainage or soil erosion near the foundation, as these can contribute to foundation problems. Ensure that the ground slopes away from your home to prevent water from pooling near the foundation.

When it’s time for foundation repair services, do not delay. Take action right away by calling On Your Side Foundation Repair. Our reliable foundation services are just a call away from the residents in Greenville, TX. If you have questions, call (903) 224 8560 today!

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