Why It’s Important for a Foundation Contractor to Install Root Barriers for Your Trees Around Your Home

Securing Your Home’s Foundation With Root Barriers

If you live in an area where trees are common, it’s important to know how to root barriers work. They’re plastic or metal sheets that are placed between the tree roots and the foundation. You should ask yourself first if there’s any history of problems with trees growing around your house. This is important before you make a decision on which type of product will work best for your home. Here’s why it’s important for a foundation contractor to install root barriers for the trees around your home.

All Types of Trees Around Your Yard Poses Risks for Your Foundation

Trees can pose a variety of risks to your home, including damage to your foundation and septic system. Trees can also damage water and sewer lines, as well as cause problems with your roof. You should consider installing a root barrier around any trees that are in close proximity to your house.

Root Barriers Prevent Subsurface Damage to Your Foundation

Root barriers are installed to prevent subsurface damage to your foundation. They also protect utilities near the surface, such as gas lines and sewer lines. Root barriers are made of metal or plastic and can be custom-sized to fit your home’s layout perfectly. Your contractor will install these barriers on your property so they’re ready when you need them.

Small Trees Can Still Cause Problems to Your Home Foundation

Small trees can still cause problems because their roots will grow back if they’re cut off or removed. If you cut off a tree’s roots, the tree may still have enough root mass to re-establish itself. If you’re planning to install root barriers on small trees, make sure to only remove them when it’s time to prune your trees. You don’t want to accidentally cut away too much of the trunk at once and cause damage to your home foundation.

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