Things You Should Avoid With Waterproof Foundation

Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Waterproofing

Your home’s foundation is your most valuable asset because it is the component that ensures the integrity of the entire structure. Because of this, ensuring that it does not become wet and is completely dry is a difficult task. Because the problem generates energy-wasting dampness, you will have high energy costs if your basement is damp and humid because the problem causes it. You can steer clear of the issue by making arrangements for a dependable waterproof foundation solution. When it comes to the flooring in your basement, here are some of the most typical mistakes that you should try to avoid making:


As was just said, the International Building Code mandates that the basement of your home must be waterproofed at least once every two years. If you are unsure whether or not you are performing the task properly, you might consider hiring an expert. You should still work with a qualified expert even if you do the task on your own. In the event that it is not done once every two years, you will find that the conditions in your basement are wet and humid.

Using an Inappropriate Kind of Floor Covering

In order to prevent damage caused by water, the flooring in your basement needs to be of a type that is both sturdy and resistant to moisture. Because it is so good at soaking up wet, carpet is not an option. Make sure that your basement has a separate subfloor to safeguard the drywall, wooden floors, and lower-end flooring that you have installed.

Poor Waterproofing Techniques

In order to keep the floor from being harmed by water, you need to apply a protective surface coat. The coating and waterproofing work must be completed by trained personnel.

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